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Commisson Rules (comment here)

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 10:24 PM
With paypal

-Art - paypal
-Avatar - paypal
-Gallery folders - paypal
-Button Art(not code, example - TBA

How to pay with payapl
Please read these tutorials
How to send money using PAYPAL by etuixSend money via PayPal-EXTENDED by NoiryPayPal - Sending Monies How2 by Faelourn

There is no time limit, which mean I will take my time to do my commission as I may see it fit to my creative and personal life. No money will speed it up.

How to:
I will take 3 commission at the same time.
First read the rules and comment "yes" when you have. So that I know that you have actually read the rules.
Then send me a note on what you want(and you title must be "commission") and be specific.
I will ignore you if you don't have the title "commission".
I will start your commission when I have received payment.

I Have the Right To:
Decline a commission.
Cancel a commission and return any payment.
Refuse or charge extra for major changes requested to be made on a commission.
I will ignore your if you don't have comment on the rules(and you must comment on it every time you want a new commission even if you have already done it before)
I will ignore you if you don't have the title "commission" on you note.

My Policies:
Please pay for your commission in full first. I will not start on your commission until I receive full payment.
I will post your finished commission on deviantART. If you would like me email you your commission, please tell me.
The commissioned piece is still my artwork and may not be used commercially.
Only for personal use (Don't try to sell, edit or claim as your own. Please don't submit the commissioned pictures to deviantart. Unless if we agreed on something else.)

What I do:
Fan art
OC with canon
18+ (you must be 18 years or older)
Group art
And more

What I don't:
Realistic style
Nothing racist
Disrespectful to anyone
Nothing illegal

Commissions Price List:
Art -
Avatar -
Gallery Folders -
Button Art(not code) - TBA

Smaller image = cheaper commission!
You think it's too pricey? No worries no more!
I can offer you a cheaper alternative by make your image smaller! (This only work on Art commissions.)

Reducing by 50% = 50% cheaper from the original price
Reducing by 20% = 20% cheaper from the original price
0.8* x = new cheaper price

click here for an example - Smaller image = cheaper commission!


Remember, I am a human being and I can FORGET , make MISTAKES and become BUSY.

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